Dec. 5th, 2010

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I'm a little bit unsure where to even start. I've watched so much in such a short time that I know I can't do any of it justice. I guess I'll just jump in and see where the squee takes me.

Ivanova first! )
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Title: Dear SGC Advisor...
Authors: [ profile] aurora_novarum & [ profile] holdouttrout
Category: Humor; Gen; Classic Team Era
Word Count: 1600

Summary: With everything SG teams and staff encounter, who can they turn to and get some honest, practical advice?

Holdouttrout's Author Note: This is what happens when I make comments about random things to people with the time and inclination to write fic... and I like it. :-) I made some comment to [ profile] aurora_novarum one time, and she started writing this fic. Then, as revenge, she shoved it my way. She'll try to take the blame, but she definitely deserves most of the credit.

Link to Livejournal entry. Link to Dreamwidth entry.

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