Mar. 6th, 2012

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You guys, I am SO IN LOVE with this show all over again. Though season three is making it rather hard not to fall back into my rabid Sam/Jack shipper ways. *uses obscurely appropriate icon that may or may not be available over on lj these days*

There are looks, you guys. Some of them are looks that express things. Okay, mostly things like, "I find you amusing even though I think it says bad things about my sense of humor, sir," or "Carter, I still don't understand what you just said, but I'm hoping you're right." Or other things like, "Uh oh, Daniel's got that alien princess/leader/artifact thing going on again." But Still. Looks.

Also, there is much OT3 subtext. And OT4. And Sam/Teal'c. And fun teamy friendship.

I just watched Shades of Grey, and Jack was a total ass. I really hope they gave him crap for quite a while. I mean, yes, understandable, but wow. Total ass.

I am still not quite sure what to think about One Hundred Days. I think... I think maybe I just wish it ended a bit differently, but I'm not sure exactly how. I even like Laira, but... augh. I have a sneaking suspicion my ambivalence *might* come from my Sam/Jack proclivities. Maybe.

On the other hand, Urgo just makes me giggle the whole way through. I love that Teal'c gets to take part in the wacky alien influence this time around, because he often has to be the odd man out--this is always blamed on Junior, and while it does make some sense, it also means that he gets left out of some fun shenanigans.


Mar. 6th, 2012 04:42 pm
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I was super bored, so I was flipping through one of my folders and reading snippets of things, and I found an incomplete NaNo novel in which a witch and an old woman go off on an adventure. It's actually pretty intriguing, especially since I TOTALLY FORGOT I WROTE IT, but the best parts are the parts where I obviously didn't know what came next and just made stuff up.

For instance, there's this part:

"Yeah, well, the more you know."

The plant just gave her a quizzical look, which Mina knew was justified since she was definitely not in character at the moment.

and this one:

Suddenly, a zombie appeared from behind a tree! In one horrible shamble, he approached them and then bit them, tearing at their flesh in an effort to get at their brains. Okay, not really.

What really happened is that they walked down into the fog

Oh, NaNo.

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