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No, that subject heading is not misleading. This post is about WRITING. Namely my own! That is to say, I WROTE STUFF TODAY. Well, I wrote stuff last week, too, but it was awful maudlin Sam/Jack. I mean, really terrible. You don't believe me, do you?

Okay, fine. I'll prove it to you:

"I'm done," he says, but really he's just thinking about saying it. He imagines what would happen if he gave those two words volume, the startled look Carter would give him.

He wonders if she'd be able to read his expression and know what he meant. I'm done pretending I don't love you, he thinks. It sounds maudlin, even in his head.

Most of the time he can't imagine anything past saying that. Sometimes, though--sometimes he imagines waking up to Carter in bed next to him and just watching her sleep. Sometimes he imagines how he'd use his immense backlog of bad jokes to make her smile, or how they'd cook the least nutritious beer omelets in history. He imagines their stupid inside jokes that would drive Daniel crazy, or how he'd drive Carter crazy by using nicknames like "honey," or "schnookums."

It's the ordinary things he imagines when he's fed up with strange, dangerous, and unbelievable.


You see why I can't post that, right? Right?

I'm putting it out there because it's WORDS and because maybe it will help me get over my fear of failure in writing.

Anyway, I not only wrote that bit up there, but today I wrote over 1,000 words that I didn't immediately want to delete! That's not saying that they'll ever see the light of the internet, but still! Words!

I also wrote a drabble for the Hand-Kissing Promptathon, which I think is a fabulous idea but I had no idea where to even start. Apparently my brain decided to go with Daniel/Vala. IDEK. You're allowed to think and/or tell me the drabble is terrible. I'm really not so sure about it myself.

Anyway... WORDS!
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