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I have a couple of fics or parts of fics that are being relegated to my "Probably Will Never Post" folder, in which fics I wrote either too early or too late can rest comfortably without disturbing me by actually being on my journal, unlike some fics I could name.

These include an "Aliens (Tried to) Make Them Do It" for Sam/Jack that just. No. Seriously, if I posted it, you would all tilt your heads to the sides and go "Okay, who wrote this and why on Earth did Trout steal it?"

Then there's the amnesiac Sam/Jack fic in which the point of view changes every sentence and everyone is wildly OOC.

Another one involved babies.

I came across a Sanctuary WIP that made me do a double-take. Exactly who of you all would disown me if I posted an angsty, f-ed up John/Helen smut scene set in the almost-present day? Because I'm not sure how I feel about having written it.

Also, is anyone at all interested in a cracky-but-kinda-serious-ish Sam/Vala fic in which Don't Ask Don't Tell plays a roll? Because I had it sitting on my computer for a while, and then DADT was repealed, and now I feel it's outdated. Also, there's vampires. Kinda.

You're totally going to make me post these, aren't you?
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