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Okay, let's see if I can manage not to spoil anyone accidentally.


Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh. That was AWESOME. Okay, so if I hadn't had faith in this show, I would seriously have considered giving it up after the last couple of episodes, because they were PAINFUL. But this ep totally turned it all around.

I was absolutely delighted by all the Helen and Nikola parts, especially all the Helen/Nikola banter/flirting/snarking. I would expect nothing less from them, since they always seem to be in fine form. You can definitely tell the show writers think they are as fun as we do!

I totally called the vampire queen being… well, a vampire queen. She did have a larger court than I expected. *g* I mostly thought she was really confident and terrifying (There were a few moments that felt off to me, honestly, but Helen's reactions to her worked for me.) I told [personal profile] gravity that I want the dark!fic where she makes it out of the caves and starts taking over and keeps Helen as her pet--that wouldn't really go well for her, because HELEN MAGNUS, but it sure would be entertaining.

Still, I was made EVEN HAPPIER (if possible) by all the awesome Kate in this episode. I actually have to watch those parts the whole thing again, because I was so busy squeezing inside. But KATE. :-D

Here ends Sanctuary. Fringe is next!

I am… confused. And underwhelmed. I want more Olivia and Astrid and less Peter, so… maybe this will work out for me?

Someone said that their main problem with JJ Abrams shows is how central the love story is to the plot, and I TOTALLY agree. Look, love shouldn't always be the answer to a mysterious centuries-old puzzle buried for people to find according to prophecy.

That being said, I did like: Astrid (I always like Astrid), seeing Ella, and… actually, I kinda liked the future!domestic Olivia/Peter stuff. So that's a plus.

I'll still watch next year, but honestly, I'm not DYING to see the next season. Which is too bad, because the first half of this season was pretty much GENIUS.

Here ends Fringe. SGU is next.


I am so unexpectedly sad this show is over. I mean, I'm sad because no more Stargate, but I'm genuinely sad Universe itself is over, because I really felt like it finally became enjoyable, with characters I cared about, and tension that I could believe.

That being said, I actually think this was a brilliant episode to end with. There was just enough drama with the drones, and a really ingenious solution, and Eli coming into his own. "I'm smarter than him." HAH. There was the hope that this crazy, insane plan would actually work, and the possibility that it would go horribly wrong in unexpected ways.

And to end with Eli on the ship, alone, both watching over his crew-mates (and friends) and fighting for his own survival? PERFECT.

I really, really loved it. And I want fic.

Here ends SGU. Castle is next.


I admit, I didn't expect Montgomery to be involved. I actually ended up liking that twist, and especially liked his stand.

I also loved pretty much everything else about the episode ever. [livejournal.com profile] gabolange has a more detailed reaction post (WARNING: She has spoilers for Sanctuary at the end) that I went *nods emphatically* on pretty much everything, although I do think Montgomery is dead. I'd kinda like him not to be, but… yeah.

I was telling [livejournal.com profile] annerbhp that Castle/Beckett is an OTP that I completely buy in-show. I just… I love that they respect each other and rely on each other and talk to each other and ignore their attraction most but not all of the time, and I love that it really, really seems like their relationship is moving forward. It's a sense I don't get from shows hardly ever, and it's so much fun!

Oh, and yeah, right, Beckett's dead. Mmm hmm.

That's it for Castle right now. :-)

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