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Via [personal profile] rydra_wong and [personal profile] executrix: The Up Goer Five meme in which you describe your canon, using only the ten hundred most common words (and their derivatives).

See Up Goer Five and the Up Goer Five Text Editor.

I should probably have done something else, but I couldn't help thinking that Stargate would be delightfully challenging.

Star Door Team One is a TV show that has four people who go through the star door every week. The go to other balls of ground and water that hang in space. On these other balls of ground and water they meet other people. Some of these people are not human. One of these types of people can take over a person's brain and make them do bad things. The four people on the team fight the bad people. Sometimes they have trouble with the star door. Sometimes they go places here on our ball of ground and water, but not usually. They have a space car that can go from our ball of ground and water to another one, but it is slower than the star door.

One of the people on the team is not human. He used to be with the bad people but he is now good. The head of the team is a good man who lost his son. Another man on the team helps the team talk to the people they meet. He lost his wife to the bad people. The last person on the team is a woman who has a lot of brains and helps fix things a lot.


1. "Earth" is not allowed. This surprised me.

2. It took me forever to realize that "human" was allowed, so at first I was using "people of the type that live on our ball of ground and water."

3. I'd love to see what other people did for both Stargate and other fandoms.
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