Jan. 24th, 2013

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Via [personal profile] rydra_wong and [personal profile] executrix: The Up Goer Five meme in which you describe your canon, using only the ten hundred most common words (and their derivatives).

See Up Goer Five and the Up Goer Five Text Editor.

I should probably have done something else, but I couldn't help thinking that Stargate would be delightfully challenging.

Star Door Team One )


1. "Earth" is not allowed. This surprised me.

2. It took me forever to realize that "human" was allowed, so at first I was using "people of the type that live on our ball of ground and water."

3. I'd love to see what other people did for both Stargate and other fandoms.
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It's JJ Abrams.

I really wish I had liked the new Star Trek*, because then I don't think I'd be this conflicted. On the one hand: ALIAS. On the other: Abrams, if you put a giant red ball** into Star Wars I will never forgive you***.

*I have other critiques of it besides "There is no excuse for MINISKIRTS on a space ship," but that might be a thing that constantly annoys me whenever I think about it.

**A small one is, however, allowed. Subtle references are cool. Giant plot anvils are not.

***I probably would, if it were awesome enough.

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