Feb. 15th, 2013

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1. Work. Work. Woooooooork. I stayed late last night and I'm still not exactly caught up. (Close enough, though.)

2. Moving. Oh, ugh. Moving. The actual date is this Saturday. Tomorrow. Yikes. But I am ALMOST ready--I just keep finding more things to worry about. Just last night I remembered two more people who were coming to help, and now I am worried that there will be TOO MANY PEOPLE to help me move and that they will know that I am a ridiculous person who thinks she needs five more people to help move than she does. I just keep telling myself that really I'm just throwing a moving PARTY. My brain seems happier with that idea.

3. Looking for a condo. Apparently you have to spend time researching them and looking at them and thinking about them. Who knew?

4. Preparing for the Murder Mystery Dinner Party on Sunday. Look, I know I'm maybe not evidencing the best judgment by being responsible for a birthday party the day after I move, but your best friend's 30th birthday only comes around once!

5. Posting to LJ. :-)

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