Jun. 26th, 2017

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There is always traffic on this road. Tonight there is no traffic on this road.

There is no one in line at Dollar Tree. There is no cashier. There is a bell. You ring the bell and nothing happens. You turn away to put down your basket and when you turn back there is a cashier and no bell.

You enter the grocery store. A woman passes you, frowning. A young girl who might belong to the woman sees you and decides to walk through you despite the fact that you are not in line with the doors. You dodge her at the last second.

A Tall Man passes by you with a grunt. There is something wrong with his face, but you can’t see it.

All of the bananas are green.

A store employee with a neat hipster beard passes you. He smiles and nods.

All of the naan is made from Ancient Grains.

A Tall Man passes you with a grunt. You can’t see his face but it looks fine.

None of the eggs in the first carton you pick are cracked.

A store employee with a neat hipster beard passes you. He smiles and nods.

You check out. The cashier frowns at you and tells you your chocolate won’t stop scanning.

A woman in the parking lot is in the process of wedging her cart onto the curb instead of taking it back. You stare at her, willing her to take it back, knowing it will be futile. She unwedges the cart and takes it back.

You pull out of the lot in front of the bus. It’s an express.

On the radio, Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” begins to play.

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