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Had the best time with @ussjellyfish and @liberalmasochist at Chicago OUAT con. Couldn’t ask for better roommates. They teased me appropriately for going to the wrong hotel when I first got into Chicago (look, it has the same name as the one we stayed at and the website doesn’t mention it at ALL so I think it’s an understandable mistake). They also totally got me drunk on Saturday night before the concert and then laughed at me, which was nice of them, don’t you think???

They mostly made me be the adult the rest of the time and I managed to get us to panels more or less on time and everyone got their photo ops and autographs so I think I did okay.

My favorite panels were Victoria, Jaime, and Bex and Victoria and Jaime. They were so hilarious and candid and seriously gorgeous. (We all agreed that we could have stared at Jamie’s hair all day.) All the panels were pretty great, though. Lana and Colin seemed really at ease with each other during their joint panel and it made me look forward to season seven.

Karen David is so cute and nice, too. Seriously. She is great. I need to remember to sign the bring Galavant back petition. (I promised her I would!)

I actually asked Beverly a question during her panel. I asked what Granny’s evil half would do if she was split like Regina and she said she’d make everyone pay their tabs as they’re always running off to save the town without paying their bills.

I did a meet and greet with Jaime, which was fun! It was a bit bizarre to be like, so close and yet still have the fan/actor distance. She had her autograph session later and she recognized me, so that was neat–although she’d ended up directly across from me, so I think it was likely she would.

One of the best parts of any con is getting to meet people I only know from online. I met SO MANY people at the con that I knew it would be largely hopeless to try to remember all the names and URLs so if you met me and I don’t remember who you are, it’s not personal and you can tease me about it mercilessly. I do remember that @mearcats gave us a slice of pizza when I was still mildly intoxicated in Saturday that was maybe the best pizza I’d ever had in my life. Thank you!!!

The volunteers were fab, too. Very organized, friendly, made sure to give people plenty of opportunities to get their photo ops and autographs.

I had everyone sign an ouat tote bag, which I’ll post separately bc mobile.

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