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For the first time in my life, I have successfully run one mile non-stop without any walking breaks.


To celebrate I walked another four miles and then had a Cinnabon.

I have also made a decent dent in my to-do list, although tomorrow must also be given over to to-dos, as I let many pile up--probably had something to do with all the Buffy I've been watching recently.



(I didn't time it, but I'm sure it was slow.)



Oct. 5th, 2012 09:24 am
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So apparently my Livejournal friendslist page has malware on it somewhere, or a link to a site that may be infected with malware. I am too much of a chicken to go ahead and look at it myself, so I have filtered and think I've seen most of everything--but it's still frustrating.

Malware ruins days.

Also in the day-ruining running, I have been sick the last three days and have stayed home. I hate being sick, especially since I work in a fairly small office and feel like I am letting my coworkers down. Ugh.

On the plus side, I have watched a lot of TV. I think that's a plus. Maybe.
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This is my leg:

This is the wall that my leg hit*:

Which do you think won?

There MIGHT have been a handstand involved. Possibly.
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I am currently on week two of Couch to 5K, which means I can run for a whole minute and a half at a time! Whoo! I'm concentrating on stretching this time around, as I haven't managed to get very far any other time I have tried to do the plan because things start to hurt.

Speaking of hurting, who decided I needed ovaries?

I just went on a shopping trip recently--do you know that feeling when you haven't found ANYTHING you like for ages, and then you suddenly hit a good day and get stuff that fits you well and looks nice and doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Yeah. It's a good feeling. Also, I found an awesome maxi dress (Those pictures do not do it justice). I've wanted one for ages, but they usually don't work on me like, at all. So happy.

I wore it today. :-)

Other things I'm doing today include cooking some lunches for the week, using my free item from my Red Robin rewards card, and watching copious amounts of Buffy season three. (Currently, Xander is having a really strange night.)

Watching Buffy is teaching me that I don't throw enough shit at the fan when I write. Buffy is great at that. Things going well? DEMON APPEARS. Heart-warming moment? LIES REVEALED. It's definitely a lesson worth learning.
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Okay, yes, NBC coverage sucks, but seriously--I love the Olympics. I especially love the 1,001 swimming events, because I GET them (unlike judo. I watched a judo video, and was... mystified.) I also love gymnastics, and not because I get it. I mainly love it because HOLY SHIT FLYING PEOPLE.

Look, I am easy.

I notice that there aren't many posts on lj, though, so maybe I'm not alone!

This week, I decided that it was time to start feeding myself home-cooked meals, and that required some planning. I blame the fact that I've been making my bed every day. The sense of accomplishment and organization from that supposedly innocent act is affecting the rest of my life.

Last night I had stir-fry. Tonight I had carrot soup and biscuits. Yummy, yummy biscuits. Leftovers for the rest of the week!
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First, I have not forgotten about the meme responses I still owe a couple of you from my last post. Once I have those done, I'll do a master list to all of them. (I just have to say, though, that this meme was a fabulous idea, because it got me out of the whole "But I've already written that idea!" rut, and was much lower pressure than actually posting fic.)

Second, I saw Florence + the Machine this last weekend, which was RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME. Florence Welch is just... RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME. I wanted to sing like, the whole time, but made myself shut up (most of the time) so my neighbors could enjoy the concert, too. *grins*

The only problem was that I would have LOVED to be a lot closer. (IT WAS STILL RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME.)

I'm really glad I got to go, Cut for trials and tribulations in concert-planning )
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APPARENTLY, I am not going to actually watch SG-1, but I will happily read fic all day if you let me. I've been re-reading all the smuttiest fic I can find. It's pretty brilliant.

I am really, really grateful for Splash's list of OT3 recs and her Sam/Jack recs, as well as all of the many brilliant authors who have written Sam/Jack and Sam/Jack/Daniel. Among other pairings, of course.

Now I just need to remember the secret handshake dance for finding Sam/Teal'c. Hmm...

I'm finding it really easy to read fic, and really hard to make myself do the things offline that I need to do. Like laundry. And thank-you notes. And buying plane tickets for November trip. *makes note to look into that tonight*

Next week I am going on a business trip. It should be good, if a little boring in patches. Still--there will be a swimming pool, and my plan for the trip is to spend as much time there as possible. :-D
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I finally got a cable to hook up my iPod to my car. This means I might actually

1) Listen to podcasts

2) Use the audio download feature my library has.

Yes, I am finally in the 21st century. Speaking of podcasts--anyone have any completely awesome ones to recommend?

There's not a lot more to tell about my life--the weather is getting nicer here, and that means allergies but also lots more daylight and outdoor time. Whee! This summer I plan to spend lots of weekend mornings walking in the beautiful sunshine.
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The Fannish things: there are no spoilers, but there is some flailing )

LIFE things include angsting over getting my hair cut (to the point where I'm working myself into a neurosis of some kind), more birthdays than I can even think about, and an upcoming wedding for one of my good high school friends. Good stuff, but busy stuff!
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I'm not having a Great Day, so I thought I'd take a page out of Zip's book and think of five good things instead.

1. If I weighed only 170 pounds, I would totally be able to do an unassisted pull-up. Whee!
2. Crepecakes (halfway between a crepe and a pancake) are 1) easily made with some few leftover ingredients and 2) delicious.
3. Fresh, potted basil smells really, really good.
4. Other people do, in fact, care about parking lot safety.
5. Wacky dreams in which one finds out that one is supposed to become a superhero are AWESOME. Even with the miniskirts. :-)

Whew. That was harder than I liked. But I do feel better!
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1. When people ask you something, you say, "Just a second," and then, when you get back to them, they say "never mind" and refuse to tell you what they wanted.

2. When people tell you something they mean to be cute or funny, but is, in fact, some anecdote about them behaving badly in a way that you don't find cute or funny at all.
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I have a friend who got a tattoo of the Japanese kanji for, presumably, "peace"--it's kind of a long and funny story that probably wouldn't sound so funny if I tried to tell it here... but we were curious to know if anyone out there is an expert--or expert enough--to tell us if it did, in fact, say "peace."

From an internet search I came up with what seems to be the same symbols, but there seem to be a few different options.

Any takers?

picture below! )


Apr. 4th, 2012 07:58 am
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Sometimes, for no real apparent reason, I throw up in the mornings. I haven't for a while, though, so I was surprised yesterday to find that this lovely and charming quirk had made a reappearance. Still, I wasn't alarmed, and I felt fine, so I went to my dentist appointment (which was awful), and then to work. I ate lunch, and dinner, and felt fine the rest of the day.

Except this morning I threw up again.

Now I'm sitting at home, debating whether or not I feel good enough for work.

I'm just a little frustrated, because I'm not sure WHY it happens. Allergies, maybe?

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If you're the kind of person who likes nearly impossible choices (but not necessarily impossible ones), then there's fun for you at the final round of [livejournal.com profile] sf_marchmadness today! It's Sam Carter versus Aeryn Sun--a very good matchup, indeed!

I am going to make carrot soup tonight, and I'm currently debating about adding the non-orange carrots I have to the mix. I think it might make it look disgusting, but I'm not sure. Thoughts?

My SG-1 rewatch is still going strong. I just finished 2010 this morning more nostalgia below )
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Any of you ever have one of those days when you watch one youtube video that was linked to you, and you're amused enough to click on another of that person's videos, and then you CANNOT STOP WATCHING THEIR CHANNEL?

No? Just me, then.

So today my plan was:

1. Sleep in.
2. Work out.
3. Eat breakfast.
4. Start laundry.
5. Watch videos.
6. Finish laundry.
7. Watch more videos.
8. Work up willpower to go to coworker's St. Patrick's Day party.

I... am actually doing pretty well, but I have this feeling that something in my life is going horribly wrong while I watch youtube videos.

*tells self that she's just imagining things*
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So, the poll looked like it was going to be close for a while, but I think we can safely call "Sam freakin Carter" the "bestest character ever."

Now that that's settled, I have an amazing, spectacular, fantabulous announcement! After I don't want to know how many years, I have completed one full, legitimate, standard push-up. Whee! Now, I just need to be able to do 10 in a row, and I'll be pretty darn happy.
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1. Don't you hate it when you suddenly remember something you've been needing to look up online, and you go to do it, and then the phone rings, so you spend a couple of minutes being pleasant while you're thinking, "Can't forget! Mustn't forget!" only to hang up and find out that you've forgotten?

2. Why is it that the sound of my coworker texting, which is a really quiet almost-typing sound, drives me to contemplating scaling the cubicle wall and snapping off the QWERTY keyboard part of her phone?

3. SG-1 is still SO my show. ♥ I've been re-watching, and am in season three (Yes, again. Be quiet.) and I just have so much love for Sam and Teal'c this time around (mostly Sam & Teal'c right now). Jack just cracks me up, but that hasn't changed. I just watched a scene this morning from Rules of Engagement that goes something like this:

Sam: Oh, hey! Colonel O'Neill has a great idea about how to accomplish this goal, don't you, sir?

Jack: *looks confused* "Uh... okay?"

Sam: *explains idea*

Teal'c: That is indeed a good idea, O'Neill.

Jack: *looks confused and smug*

It's a great scene. Especially Teal'c pwning. Also, I guess Daniel's okay. *grins*

3b. I have to say, though, that Point of View wins the award for most awkward kiss ever. I can't decide whether I want to kill Jack for (our) Sam*, sympathize with Dr. Sam, or just watch the kiss again. It's very confusing!

*Not so much because I feel that only our Sam should be kissed by Jack, but because it's such an asshole thing for him to do in the first place, especially in front of her and the whole rest of the base.

4. I'm still watching-but-not-obsessing-about Revenge and Once Upon a Time. I want my characters to be a bit more competent, please! I think Emma (Once) needs a more immediate villain or something she can actually win at for a change.
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1. Articles about long-term singles read by a single woman (who is generally very upbeat about her singleness) on Valentine's Day can, for some reason, cause melancholic texting.

2. Friends who respond to said texting with encouragement and/or snark (and who do not say "Don't worry, you'll find someone.") are worth their weight in gold.

3. It's Girl Scout Cookie Season.

4. There is an astonishing variety of meatless protein meat substitutes, most of it quite good.

5. Kale is very delicious, and you can cook it remarkably like spinach.

6. Sometimes, the best part of the chocolate tasting event is the spicy cooking sauces booth.
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1. Articles about long-term singles read by a single woman (who is generally very upbeat about her singleness) on Valentine's Day can, for some reason, cause melancholic texting.

2. Friends who respond to said texting with encouragement and/or snark (and who do not say "Don't worry, you'll find someone.") are worth their weight in gold.

3. It's Girl Scout Cookie Season.

4. There is an astonishing variety of meatless protein meat substitutes, most of it quite good.

5. Kale is very delicious, and you can cook it remarkably like spinach.

6. Sometimes, the best part of the chocolate tasting event is the spicy cooking sauces booth.
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My router has been having issues. At least, I'm pretty sure it's the router, specifically, the wireless portion. Clickhaven, it appears, really hates said wireless network and sometimes refuses to use it at all, which leads to a trip-hazard strewn across the room, and more recently the various iDevices in the house sometimes hate it, too. Anyway, one of the ideas someone suggested for helping involved switching from WEP to WPA, so this morning I downloaded the router manual and went to work.

things did not go smoothly )

So, Portal 2!

I told someone that if people set out to design a video game for me, it would be Portal. Puzzles, humor, a bit of action, no lives to run out of... no health meter to speak of--you're just either alive and moving, or dead and resetting. Plus, Portal was a short game, so I was able to play all the way through.

Portal 2 is longer, but other than that*, it's just as tailored to me. Plus, it is FREAKING AWESOME. And GUYS, I actually beat it! I have only beat two games in my entire life: Portal, and Portal 2.

Well, and Hexic. But that's a little different. Oh, I guess I beat The Fancy Pants World Adventure, too.

Aaaanyway: POTATO.


*Actually, because Portal 2 is EXTREMELY AWESOME, I don't think the length mattered at all.

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