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I have been on vacation for the last week and a half, and I actually planned ahead so I wouldn't have to go in today. This turned out to be a Very Good Plan, because while I was on vacation, I caught The Stomach Flu. I capitalize out of love because I haven't been that sick in the traditional barfing sense... well, since I was a kid.

I will spare you the gruesome details. Unfortunately, since I was visitng [livejournal.com profile] annienau08 at the time, she didn't have the same luxery. If there was any doubt, she is a most amazing friend with a substantial tolerance for gross and pathetic fish. We also, aside from the aforementioned sickness, had a fabulous, fannish time discussing the prodigious merits of Helen Magnus and Sam Carter, among other things.

I'm still feeling under the weather, and Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I somehow doubt I'm going to the extended family gathering. At least I should be okay for Saturday night Thanksgiving dinner with just my parents and brother. :-)

I also attempted to set my apartment on fire today. You heat some oil, turn your back for one second, and whoosh! Thankfully I remembered what to do, so I DIDN'T try to throw water on it and DID take it off the heat/cover it right away. The smoke alarm only went off for about 30 seconds, and my apartment no longer smells like smoke. Victory!

I'm catching up today on TV in between drinking plenty of fluids. Here's a lightning-fast rundown with no spoilers:

1. Castle remains super-cute and awesome.

2. Parks and Recreation remains super-cute, funny, and awesome.

3. Fringe is intriguing me--I really think that my only problem with the current season has been the fact that it's sort of jammed into a shorter time frame than a regular season, and that it's showing a bit. Anyway, I'm coming down more firmly on the positive side of reactions, especially after the last two episodes.
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The Fannish things: there are no spoilers, but there is some flailing )

LIFE things include angsting over getting my hair cut (to the point where I'm working myself into a neurosis of some kind), more birthdays than I can even think about, and an upcoming wedding for one of my good high school friends. Good stuff, but busy stuff!
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Okay, so really, that's not all I want. I want, among other things:

1. Peanut Butter Cups
2. World Peace
3. To Beat Portal (and then get Portal 2)
4. To Finish a Fic, Any Fic.

I might be the slowest Portal player ever. I don't play very long in one sitting, and I'm unfamiliar with gaming in general, so that's definitely contributing to my overall glacial pace. Still, I think my main problem is that I want to see everything. So if there's a vent, I must explore it, even though I know it's not necessary to beat the game. If there's writing on the walls, I must read it.

And, if there's a turret in front of me, I must freak out instead of calmly walking around it. This is contributing to most of my deaths at the moment. :-)

I am currently caught up on: Castle (OMG TENSION), Sanctuary (Well, for an(other) episode about Will, it wasn't awful), Fairly Legal (what's on hulu, anyway), Community (Want more!), Doctor Who (Want more!), and Fringe (Seriously, Alt!Liv needs to do more ass-kicking, please).
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I lost a song.

I was in a coffee shop--it's my new favorite place ever, because it has a great cozy-yet-slightly-industrial feel, and it's small, and has wonderful cinnamon rolls, and isn't the old coffee shop of which I will not speak. Mind you, no coffee-drinking actually takes place while I'm there, at least not at my table.

Anyway, I was at the coffee shop, and this Song came on. It was so beautiful my friend and I actually stopped talking to listen to the whole thing, and while I meant to write down a portion of the lyrics, various circumstances conspired against me and I can't remember enough to find it.

I seriously considered being the nutty customer who goes up to the counter and asks, "So, there was this song, in a minor key, sung by a woman, really soft and melodic, and it was a couple of weeks ago that I heard it… do you know it?" But I didn't.


I will have more Stargate rewatch soon, but 'Politics' severely slowed me down. Clips shows are remarkably boring when you're watching faster than once a week.

Meanwhile, here are some awesome internet things:

[livejournal.com profile] gravity linked this wonderful time-waster.

I laughed… because it's true(ish).

The Periodic Table of Storytelling.

Beautiful, sad Fringe Vid.
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I spent most of my free time this week that wasn't spent doing my taxes (What? I'm getting a refund!) catching up on TV, specifically Castle, Fringe, and Community.

I never stop really enjoying Castle. It's such a good, fluffy murder detective show. I could use some more family stuff, writers!

Okaaaay. Fringe. I suppose these count as major spoilers? )

Community! I. Just. Love. You. Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking )
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I woke up feeling great yesterday, but by 10am, I was just a tiny bit under the weather. I hung in there through work, headed home and tried to rest before I went with my roommate to see Harry Potter.

Before I get to anything spoilery, I have just this to say about the trailer for Cowboys and Aliens: hahahahahahaha!

The Deathly Hallows, part 1 )

A quick note about commercial advertising: Splenda is a sugar replacement. and is therefore sweet. Savory is not sweet. Therefore, I'm not sure why "savory" is used in your ad.

Fringe: ILU. Except )

West Wing: ALMOST done. Certainly a show that likes it's wrap-up pairings, eh? I have thinky thoughts about the way the show was structured, and how they managed a very, very large cast (sometimes well, sometimes… not so much), but I'm not exactly clear on what it all means, so I'll spare you several hundred words of ramble.

Shows I am behind on: Glee (apparently I am still watching it), SGU (ditto), and Sanctuary (just barely, though).

Have you seen the Courage Sam Macros? CLICK IT NOW.
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Yesterday I was trying to think about something, anything, to say about my life the last few days. Really, I've felt like there hasn't been anything much going on--I've felt under the weather, but not terribly, and I've been resting and watching bazillions of episodes of West Wing, which has been pretty amazing. I hear that people didn't like it so much after season 4, but please don't tell me why, since apparently I'm immune to whatever it is that made people dislike it so much. After I finish watching the whole thing, or until I do see whatever it is and can't watch anymore, then I will go looking for opinions. (I'm currently in season 5.)

Also, I'm totally Donna, only not blonde.

I am, however, a redhead.

I dyed my hair for Halloween and went as my alternate universe evil twin. This may have been partially due to Fringe, which is my favoritest show on TV right now. I want to have its plot babies, though I haven't (yet) written fic for it. I'm in total love with the Red Universe storylines and was literally gripping the coffee table last night at the end of the episode.

I still have faith in the Blue Universe storylines, despite my worries.

(There may be spoilers in the comments, if anyone else is around to obsessively talk about this season with me.)

Anyway, TV aside, I was writing an email yesterday that made me realize that actually I'm not as much of a lazy, unmotivated loser as I thought--it just seems that way because I've cut back on a couple of obligations at church, which has done wonders for my schedule. And also because it was probably the time of month where my self-worth takes a dive.

You'd think the Unsuccessful and Grueling Shopping Expedition to find a blue dress for a wedding I'm sorta-in in April of next year would have further depressed me, considering that most of the dresses I tried on didn't fit, didn't look right on me, weren't the right color or level of formality, or were too immodest. You'd be wrong, however, because I didn't expect to find ANY dresses to try on at all.

more detail about retail )

What else? Oh! I've been working out in the mornings--walking/attempting to jog M/W/F, weightlifting T/TH, and swimming (with my bro!) Saturday mornings. Swimming is hard, y'all. I used to be on swim team, and man, am I out of shape. I didn't realize how good of shape I was in until I tried to swim 100 yards without stopping. Eesh.

sharing lanes )

The most exciting thing to me is that my gym has one of those pull-up machines that takes some of your weight so even a really heavy wimp like me can pretend to be in awesome shape and do pull-ups. I have to use the very highest weight setting (120 pounds), and so far I can only do three, but it's awfully fun and, according to my mom, impressive-looking.


Anyway, that's probably enough for this poor, overloaded post. I should also say, however, that I am theoretically doing NaNo. Which might tell you all you need to know about how well that's going.
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I just have too many things I'm committed to. I'm going to have to do something about it eventually.

In other news, OMG isn't Community the best show ever? Mwa ha ha! I really don't usually make it a point to watch sitcoms, but I love this one. *hugs fiercely* spoiler )

Also, Fringe: spoilers )

I'm still wishing Glee was a different show. I love parts of it, and want to stabbity stab the rest. Though I've finally figured out spoilers, sort of )

I suppose I should say that while I'm watching Castle, it's pretty much in the same category as Bones, and I don't tend to talk much about that category--it's not something I get really fannish about. Those shows are more just glee-filled happy UST shows than anything else.

When does Sanctuary come back? Because while that show has some polish issues, it has AMANDA TAPPING, and that makes all the difference.

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