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Okay, I finally finished all the meme requests, so I figured I should take a break from the Olympics and do a roundup. I had so much fun with this one--thank you all for playing along. Links below go to the thread for each request, so you can see which prompts I couldn't fill, just for fun. *g*

[livejournal.com profile] mrspollifax asked for Sam/Caldwell.

[livejournal.com profile] jafacakes asked for Sam/Rodney.

[livejournal.com profile] macgyvergal asked for Jack/Janet.

[personal profile] ultranos asked for GLaDOS and the Bird.

[personal profile] sixbeforelunch asked for Darcy/Elizabeth.

[personal profile] besyd asked for Hailey/Grogan.

[personal profile] zats_clear asked for Daniel Jackson/Dana Scully.
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My router has been having issues. At least, I'm pretty sure it's the router, specifically, the wireless portion. Clickhaven, it appears, really hates said wireless network and sometimes refuses to use it at all, which leads to a trip-hazard strewn across the room, and more recently the various iDevices in the house sometimes hate it, too. Anyway, one of the ideas someone suggested for helping involved switching from WEP to WPA, so this morning I downloaded the router manual and went to work.

things did not go smoothly )

So, Portal 2!

I told someone that if people set out to design a video game for me, it would be Portal. Puzzles, humor, a bit of action, no lives to run out of... no health meter to speak of--you're just either alive and moving, or dead and resetting. Plus, Portal was a short game, so I was able to play all the way through.

Portal 2 is longer, but other than that*, it's just as tailored to me. Plus, it is FREAKING AWESOME. And GUYS, I actually beat it! I have only beat two games in my entire life: Portal, and Portal 2.

Well, and Hexic. But that's a little different. Oh, I guess I beat The Fancy Pants World Adventure, too.

Aaaanyway: POTATO.


*Actually, because Portal 2 is EXTREMELY AWESOME, I don't think the length mattered at all.
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... unless you count Hexic.

That is, this is my obligatory "I actually beat Portal* holy freaking cow, Batman" post.

Spoilers--and blather about my lack of expertise )

Now I have to go look for icons. And download Portal 2. And memorize a song.


*Yes, the first one--I mentioned that I'm way, way behind the curve on video games, right?

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