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1. My roommate and I took an evening journey last Wednesday to the indoor hot tub. Things that made this journey interesting included: Locked and unresponsive gates that should be open, below-freezing temperatures, flip flops, and mud. Thankfully, neither of us lost shoes or toes permanently.

2. I keep having dreams that I'm sure you guys would find hilarious* and then being able to recall anything about them except that fact.

3. I saw Zero Dark Thirty and Les Miserables on Saturday. I liked them both, and ALMOST made it through Les Mis without crying. SO. CLOSE.

4. I made bread for the first time! Well, bread that wasn't Amish Friendship Bread, anyway. I use the quick no-knead bread recipe. It was easy and it turned out amazing. I may have to start doing that all the time.

5. I watched all of the Golden Globes last night. I don't think I've ever watched all of an awards show before, and I know it was partly because it was on live before primetime. Also partly because of Amy Poehler.

6. Yesterday I drove through a three-block radius in town which had the distinction of being the only place within miles with honest-to-goodness snow. It was almost like some little cloud passed over said, "Oh, bother this," and dumped the load it was carrying before disappearing into the clear blue winter sky.

*Not really. There are a few people who can tell entertaining stories about their dreams. I am not one of them.
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