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Okay, okay, I am doing this totally weird rewatching thing lately, and one of the victims is Fringe, which is weird because although I adored the show seasons one through, well, I liked last season, too, guys, so... three, right? Anyway, I adored the show those seasons and am struggling somewhat with the current one, but I was never really, truly fannish about them. I mean, I loved them, but I didn't read tons of fic and I certainly never really thought about writing fic.

Also, rewatching old seasons while watching the new season seems really, really bizarre to me.

BUT. I am loving it. I mean, I just LOVE IT, GUYS. It's reminding me why Olivia Dunham is one of my favoritest characters of all time, and Astrid is awesome from the word "go" and I'm just blown away by the balance between the Olivia stuff and the Peter & Walter stuff, and the Peter & Olivia stuff, and the family stuff, and then ASTRID. Oh my gosh. For some reason, I didn't remember her being all that awesome or present the first season, but she totally is.

I'm also seeing some parallels between this season and season four that I knew were there but didn't quite grasp, and they bear further investigation.


In other news, AVENGERS. I loved it with the love of a thousand sparkly hearts. No spoilers, but of course now that I am over my initial rush, I'm thinking about it and you know how dangerous that is. Still! THOUSAND SPARKLY HEARTS.

I AM still rewatching SG-1, but I paused for a bit right before "Paradise Lost," because life happened, and then after because LIFE. I was watching on my way to and from working out, but it's way too pretty outside and I keep getting distracted by the moon and the trees and the birds and the way the sky just keeps getting lighter each day. Also maybe partly because of the Fringe thing.

LIFE things include angsting over getting my hair cut (to the point where I'm working myself into a neurosis of some kind), more birthdays than I can even think about, and an upcoming wedding for one of my good high school friends. Good stuff, but busy stuff!
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