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I just saw a comment from [personal profile] ultranos that said that Stargate is the Hotel California of fandoms, because people move on but they never leave. I can personally attest to that.

Also, I think that once I'm in a fandom, I'm a tenacious little fangirl. Oh, I have my flings, but when a fandom gets me, it gets me HARD, and then I write fics. LOTS of fics. *g* I suppose I might be ready for another True Fandom in about two years or so.

In other news, I am on Pottermore! Let me know if you want my user name, and I'm TOTALLY a Ravenclaw, which I was hoping for with crossed fingers like whoa. :-) :-) :-)
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I woke up feeling great yesterday, but by 10am, I was just a tiny bit under the weather. I hung in there through work, headed home and tried to rest before I went with my roommate to see Harry Potter.

Before I get to anything spoilery, I have just this to say about the trailer for Cowboys and Aliens: hahahahahahaha!

The Deathly Hallows, part 1 )

A quick note about commercial advertising: Splenda is a sugar replacement. and is therefore sweet. Savory is not sweet. Therefore, I'm not sure why "savory" is used in your ad.

Fringe: ILU. Except )

West Wing: ALMOST done. Certainly a show that likes it's wrap-up pairings, eh? I have thinky thoughts about the way the show was structured, and how they managed a very, very large cast (sometimes well, sometimes… not so much), but I'm not exactly clear on what it all means, so I'll spare you several hundred words of ramble.

Shows I am behind on: Glee (apparently I am still watching it), SGU (ditto), and Sanctuary (just barely, though).

Have you seen the Courage Sam Macros? CLICK IT NOW.
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Exciting Thing Number One:

Yesterday I managed to haul myself across three whole monkey bars!

My ultimate fitness dream goal (the one I'll likely never reach, considering as how I'm a lazybones) is to be able to do all the things I used to do when I was 9 years old. I was a strong little kid, although I couldn't run even then.

Exciting Thing Number Two:
I got to hang out with my awesome friend KR all day Saturday and we went and saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince again. I liked it even better this time, and noticed a TON of characters in the background who weren't exactly *in* this movie, but have been in others and were awesome. Always fun to see the little ones growing up! (Although it's probably wrong that I find some of these kids to be...hot. Right?)

After we came back from the movie, we watched Prisoner of Azkaban, and laughed because we remembered thinking back then that the actors were SO OLD OMG. Ha ha ha. Oh, perspective.

In other news, the Weather Icon is brought back into service. We are in the middle of a terrible heatwave. I mean, for here. Highs in the upper 80's, 90's, and today, tomorrow, and Wednesday we're supposed to get really really close to 100. I'm guessing we'll hit it, consider that I was SWEATING this morning at 6am. I took a cold shower and still could barely get dressed. Ew.

Last night I had to do laundry or risk going to work naked, and I felt REALLY bad for using the dryer, because it's in my roommate's room. Thankfully she wasn't there...and there really wasn't a LOT of heat put out by it--just into the clothes like it's supposed to. Still. Folding warm clothes in hot weather? Not my favorite.

Naked is looking better all the time.

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