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It's all spoilers from here on out. I would request that no one spoils *next* week's episode if they actually know things, but speculation is fine!

HOW CUTE was that first scene? I mean, seriously. Kate's been worried about where they're going, and then Castle's all serious, and Kate thinks it's over, and I was SO GLAD I wasn't spoiled. (Don't ask me how I wasn't spoiled, because I am on tumblr and I really don't know.) I was really glad that Kate clarified everything before saying yes... and really glad she said yes, too. :-)

Okay, I know this show is the happy fluffy version of law enforcement and that these things aren't taken very seriously at all in the show, but, honestly, Castle? IT IS CLASSIFIED. I don't find it TOO hard to believe that he would start in on the case, but really--CLASSIFIED. BIG TROUBLE. That being said, I do believe that he was going to drop it after he got caught. And I thought him being abducted was a nice way to keep him involved.

Though that leads to the ending, which... okay? Not quite sure what to think about that.


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