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A really good friend invited me to be present when she gave birth. Her due date wasn't until this Tuesday, but I got called in last Wednesday. After many long hours, she gave birth to a beautiful, perfect, baby girl at 6:30 PM Thursday. It was, by far, the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed.

Also, in my totally unbiased opinion, she's the cutest baby ever. Unfortunately, due to SNOWPOCALYPSE 2014, I haven't been able to spend every spare moment staring at her in person, instead haunting facebook in case her parents post any more pictures.

I have been watching:

Castle (still the cutest cop drama on TV)
Sleepy Hollow (taking home the award for most cracktastic show of all time)
Community (my thoughts are complicated and indistinct)
Arrow (I have been slowly being consumed by Oliver/Felicity shipping. Fair warning.)
Agents of SHIELD (I've been enjoying the last few episodes to the point where I'm looking forward to watching it each week. As opposed to when it first aired and I wasn't whelmed at all.)

I have been tumblring all over the place. I mostly don't get on a real computer at home anymore, and tumblr is so much easier than lj on mobile. Excuses, excuses. I know.

Anyway, I signed on today and was scrolling through my flist and APPARENTLY, skip=340 does not exist. I'm pretty sure I'd made it to the point where I'd seen the posts already anyway, but still!
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It's all spoilers from here on out. I would request that no one spoils *next* week's episode if they actually know things, but speculation is fine!

spoilers )
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I almost got mauled by a dog today, and I think it shows how strange I am because I kind of count that as a highlight. I mean, if I'd actually gotten mauled by a dog it would have been terrible, but as it is, I get to count it as a win. "Hey! I didn't get mauled by a dog today! What a fantastic day!"

(Okay, so the actual danger level was very low. There was just a very defensive dog off its leash in the neighborhood and it DID NOT LIKE STRANGE WOMAN IN ITS TERRITORY.)

The rest of the day wasn't bad either. We've been having fabulously warm spring weather the last few days. Sunday was the warmest 3/31 of record. Ever. By something like 6 degrees. I wore a pretty dress and did my hair in a french braid (myself!) and wore makeup and jewelry and sandals and looked TOTALLY cute.

(Best compliment: "I didn't recognize you. You look so beautiful!" This was followed by a horrified look from the complimentor, and I assured her I wouldn't take it amiss.)

Anyway, the weather today was great, and my boss took us all out for lunch and I got to do a fun project and complain about ridiculous form requirements from the home office. YAY.

I also just saw the 100th ep of Castle, which was spoilers! )

Other things which I am excited about: Iron Man 3. STILL. [personal profile] splash_the_cat has been keeping me extremely squeeful on tumblr by reposting lots of Tony and Pepper gifs. I always want to reblog them and hardly ever do because I'm PRETTY sure I don't have enough unique followers to justify reblogging 8,000,000 Tony/Pepper gifs.


I'm also re-reading Pride and Prejudice. *happy sighs* I really like how Lizzie doesn't show up as a main character right away--though I think that actually frustrated me when I first tried to read it.

I'm... disappointed that goodreads is being bought by amazon. I don't use it a lot, but I don't really want a one-store platform. Bah.
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Me, as of two minutes ago: ACK! Why is no one talking about last night's Castle yet?!

If anyone responds at all, there will be spoilers in the comments.
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I have been on vacation for the last week and a half, and I actually planned ahead so I wouldn't have to go in today. This turned out to be a Very Good Plan, because while I was on vacation, I caught The Stomach Flu. I capitalize out of love because I haven't been that sick in the traditional barfing sense... well, since I was a kid.

I will spare you the gruesome details. Unfortunately, since I was visitng [livejournal.com profile] annienau08 at the time, she didn't have the same luxery. If there was any doubt, she is a most amazing friend with a substantial tolerance for gross and pathetic fish. We also, aside from the aforementioned sickness, had a fabulous, fannish time discussing the prodigious merits of Helen Magnus and Sam Carter, among other things.

I'm still feeling under the weather, and Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I somehow doubt I'm going to the extended family gathering. At least I should be okay for Saturday night Thanksgiving dinner with just my parents and brother. :-)

I also attempted to set my apartment on fire today. You heat some oil, turn your back for one second, and whoosh! Thankfully I remembered what to do, so I DIDN'T try to throw water on it and DID take it off the heat/cover it right away. The smoke alarm only went off for about 30 seconds, and my apartment no longer smells like smoke. Victory!

I'm catching up today on TV in between drinking plenty of fluids. Here's a lightning-fast rundown with no spoilers:

1. Castle remains super-cute and awesome.

2. Parks and Recreation remains super-cute, funny, and awesome.

3. Fringe is intriguing me--I really think that my only problem with the current season has been the fact that it's sort of jammed into a shorter time frame than a regular season, and that it's showing a bit. Anyway, I'm coming down more firmly on the positive side of reactions, especially after the last two episodes.
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I spent most of my free time this week that wasn't spent doing my taxes (What? I'm getting a refund!) catching up on TV, specifically Castle, Fringe, and Community.

I never stop really enjoying Castle. It's such a good, fluffy murder detective show. I could use some more family stuff, writers!

Okaaaay. Fringe. I suppose these count as major spoilers? )

Community! I. Just. Love. You. Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking )
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Okay, Castle: Under the Gun )

In my "spare time" I'm reading a book called Sundays with Vlad, which is all about Dracula the person, Dracula the literary figure, vampires in the movies, vampire fandom(s), and people who believe they really, truly, are vampires. It's a little hysterical, and a lot more unbiased than I would tend to be.
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I just have too many things I'm committed to. I'm going to have to do something about it eventually.

In other news, OMG isn't Community the best show ever? Mwa ha ha! I really don't usually make it a point to watch sitcoms, but I love this one. *hugs fiercely* spoiler )

Also, Fringe: spoilers )

I'm still wishing Glee was a different show. I love parts of it, and want to stabbity stab the rest. Though I've finally figured out spoilers, sort of )

I suppose I should say that while I'm watching Castle, it's pretty much in the same category as Bones, and I don't tend to talk much about that category--it's not something I get really fannish about. Those shows are more just glee-filled happy UST shows than anything else.

When does Sanctuary come back? Because while that show has some polish issues, it has AMANDA TAPPING, and that makes all the difference.

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