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Last night, after making myself some pasta with cheese, cabbage (fried, and so-so), and some tuna fish (don't even ask), I settled down to be COMPLETELY unproductive. I was so unproductive that I ended up watching Legend of the Seeker vids for quite a bit of the night, in between rounds of bejeweled.

Oh, LotS, with your epic hair and unexpected female friendship and gratuitous cleavage/thighs and pretty, pretty landscapes. *sighs dreamily* No matter how stupid I felt the plot got right at the end of season two, I will never, EVER forget that it did some things so, so right.

I am on the VERY LAST EPISODE of season four of Stargate. Jack not getting all his memos! Jaffa revenge thing! BLOWING UP A SUN.

Is it wrong, though, that I get depressed every time I watch Double Jeopardy? I feel like it's sort of wrong to mourn the robots, but they just get the short end of the stick, and it all happens at once, and they were separate people, damn it.
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