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We are here again, my dear friends. It is time for the annual reckoning, that fannish evaluation that decides whether we live or die or join tumblr!

Okay, so I already joined/started actually using tumblr. What can I say? I appreciate the daily scroll of pretty! Tumblr is actually not a bad place for me right now. Most of the time, it involves pretty pictures of pretty people, cute animals, or funny comics. Some of the time, there are links to meta and essays that make me think. Sometimes there is even fic--though honestly, fic was a very small part of my life this year.

Still, I did write some.

Teamwork. Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack.
Two Things Sam and Janet Don't Have in Common (and One Thing They Do). Stargate SG-1, Gen.

TWO?! I ONLY WROTE TWO FICS?! I guess that means I have to stay on tumblr.

I re-watched Legend of the Seeker (again). The epic hair, forbidden love, cheesy humor, beautiful scenery, pretty people, shiny swords, and female friendships all make me very happy--and the show is only two seasons long, which makes it easy to rewatch.

I got very fannish about Once Upon a Time.

I started a Farscape re-watch that I didn't finish… yet. I'll get there. It's SUCH a good show, but I totally got sucked into a Doctor Who rewatch instead--I was trying to get caught up for the Day of the Doctor, and I ended up starting back with Nine, because I could and because I had to wait a very long time for the latest DVDs from the library. I have part of a post put together about the Awesomeness of Donna Noble, which I hope to get together and post early in 2014.

However, I also tried to watch Torchwood: Miracle Day. Ugh. Just… ugh. Gave up.

I was really, really, really obsessed with Iron Man 3.

Past Years
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Last night, after making myself some pasta with cheese, cabbage (fried, and so-so), and some tuna fish (don't even ask), I settled down to be COMPLETELY unproductive. I was so unproductive that I ended up watching Legend of the Seeker vids for quite a bit of the night, in between rounds of bejeweled.

Oh, LotS, with your epic hair and unexpected female friendship and gratuitous cleavage/thighs and pretty, pretty landscapes. *sighs dreamily* No matter how stupid I felt the plot got right at the end of season two, I will never, EVER forget that it did some things so, so right.

I am on the VERY LAST EPISODE of season four of Stargate. Jack not getting all his memos! Jaffa revenge thing! BLOWING UP A SUN.

Is it wrong, though, that I get depressed every time I watch Double Jeopardy? I feel like it's sort of wrong to mourn the robots, but they just get the short end of the stick, and it all happens at once, and they were separate people, damn it.
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So. It's been a while since I bored you all with squee about Legend of the Seeker. I just have to say one thing: as silly as this show is, it's darn entertaining! okay, I lied. More stuff here, with spoilers )

Okay, for the 98% of you who couldn't care less about LotS, I'm just going to mention The Hunger Games. Chances are you've already heard about this book if you read at ALL, because it's everywhere. I have it on CD to listen to in the car, and it's driving me CRAZY, because I just want to devour it, and I can only sit in my car in the parking lot so long before I have to go inside.

It's different than I expected, based on what I knew of the plot. There is, for example, a lot more worldbuilding than I thought there would be. The characters are interesting, too, with more under the surface of some characters than I expected at first. Katniss, the protag, is smart and emotionally distant from other people, and quite cynical about their motives (with good reason). Despite that, we manage to get glimpses of their good attributes, too, and see beyond her initial impressions.

I can't wait to finish it.

Before I go, I was looking at a list of TV shows and whether they were renewed or canceled, and there are quite a few long-running shows that I recognize that have been canceled already! I am quite happy Community is renewed, along with Fringe. I'm sad to see FlashForward gone, but not surprised. What about you?

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